March 5, 2012

My Dosing History from January through March 19, 2012

January 18, started Armour brand natural dessicated thyroid - 2 grains in the morning.

(Prior to going on NDT, I was on 150 mcg Levothyroxine, which is equal to .15 mg.  One grain of NDT is about 60-65 mg.)

At this point, my notes are a little unclear.  Why didn't I take better notes in the beginning?  Because I was SO SICK!  

I wrote that on Wednesday, January 25, I started taking 4 grains NDT in the morning.  I know that I did not jump from 2 to 4 grains, but I don't have anything written down in between the 18th and the 25th. Hopefully the doctor's office can clear this confusion up for me.     

On Friday, February 10, I had an appointment with doc.  

On Saturday, February 11, I went up to 4.5 grains Armour thyroid.  

In hindsight, I think this was too fast.  The group forums support that assessment.  However, doc thinks titrating 1/2 grain 10-14 days is, and I quote, "overly cautious."  He recommends titrating 1/2 grain every 5 days.

On Friday, February 17, I started Isocort (see How To Treat Adrenals) after talking with doc's nurse the day before.  I regret this very much.  I wish I had insisted on waiting until I had gotten my cortisol levels checked, to fully assess my situation.  But we live and learn through this thyroid adrenal mess.

On Saturday, February 18, I took 4 pellets Isocort in the morning, along with my 4.5 grains NDT.  By 9:30 I was suffering from hand tremors, by 10:30 I was experiencing shakiness in my whole body.  Stupidly, I got confused by the dosage chart and took an additional 4 pellets at noon.  Later that day I had low back pain and reflux (which I rarely experience). 

I was scared and confused, and on Sunday, February 19, I adjusted my dose to 4 grains NDT + 4 pellets Isocort.  At 2 PM I had chest pains.  That evening I began to get sick with a nasty cold and cough, headache, achiness, that would knock me out until the following Saturday.  Oi!

On Monday, February 20, I took 4 grains NDT + 4 pellets Isocort

On Tuesday, February 21, I took 4 grains NDT + NO IsocortWas I planning to take another 1/2 grain in the afternoon, but forgot due to my viral sickness?  Not thinking clearly.  Also, I stopped the Isocort because I somehow had it in my head that I needed to sort of come down from my overdose of it.  I don't think this thinking was correct, but again I was sick from my virus and not thinking clearly anyway! 

 On Wednesday, February 22, I took 4 grains NDT + NO Isocort, then 1/2 grain NDT in the afternoon.    

On Thursday, February 23, I took 4 1/2 grains NDT in the morning + NO Isocort.  Obviously not thinking clearly; reverted to single dose.

Same dose for Thursday and Friday.  I think that I spoke with doc's office on Friday.  Nurse suggested that I go back on Isocort on 2 pellets instead of 4. 

Saturday, February 25, took 4 1/2 grains NDT + 2 pellets Isocort.  By 10:15, I was shaky.  Noon, I was dizzy.  

Sunday, February 26, same dosage.  By 3:45 I was very shaky and had heart palpitations.  I had heart palpitations that evening around 9 PM, too.  

I continued on that dosage on Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday I even added 2 capsules of doc's "Adrenal Support"--basically vitamins, iodine, etc. and a smidge of thyroid to support adrenals.  

I took the same (4 1/2 grains NDT + 2 Isocort) on Wednesday.  At 11 AM, I had a panic attack.  At 2 PM I was very winded.  

On Thursday, March 1, I took 4 1/2 NDT + NO Isocort.  I was convinced that all my symptoms were from Isocort and that after my appointment that morning, I was going to be done with Isocort.  That was this day

Friday, I took 4 grains NDT + 4 pellets Isocort.  By 7 PM I was very irritable and very discontent.  Those are always the first signs I see when my progesterone levels are plummeting. That night, I read in STTM and wrote this.  So I was debating about whether or not to order my own labs.  I was leaning toward yes which was what I ended up deciding. 

On Saturday, March 3, I took 4 grains NDT + decreased to 2 pellets Isocort.  

Sunday, March 4, I took the same dosage, but added 2 Adrenal Support caps at noon.

On Monday, March 5, I took a chance and dropped my Isocort to nothing + 4 NDT.

This will be my dosage until Monday, March 19 when I get my labs drawn.   

I now know what I didn't know when I was beginning NDT.  I wish I had started at 2 grains and held for one week, then titrated 1/2 a grain and held for a week at a time, until I reached 3 grains and held for 4-6 weeks, then titrated again until I reached my optimal dose.  But hindsight is 20/20.   

Thyroid Dump (see page 96 of Stop the Thyroid Madness and "What if I'm already on already on dessicated thyroid when I start using cortisol?")