March 2, 2012

Figuring it out, a bit at a time

Good heavens, healing takes patience.  For the past two weeks, I have had a worsening of my hypothyroid and adrenal symptoms, but couldn't figure out why.  It didn't help that in the middle of it all, I got a nasty cold/cough virus that really knocked me down.  I didn't leave the house for seven days! 
As of two days ago, I had been on Armour (Natural Dessicated Thyroid - NDT) for about 6 weeks and up to my current dose of 4.5 grains for about a week, as well as being on day 5 of 2 pellets Isocort brand plant-based adrenal cortex.  
The symptoms that have worsened are: racing heart beat, out of breath/easily winded, extreme fatigue, foot and calf cramps/soreness (like after having a Charlie horse), anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia (a new symptom, although not every night).
I had an appointment with the doctor yesterday.  My mom, who is also a patient there, went with me to be an extra set of ears.
It went really, really well. I went in with a huge list of questions and he took the time to answer each of them. Regarding my new and worsening symptoms, he explained in detail what's going on with my body and that I need to back off my NDT since my adrenals are finally getting a break and receiving some cortisol.  That's what I had told the nurse!  Silly woman.
Thursday was also my first intramuscular dose of bio-identical progesterone for this cycle.  I felt a lot better yesterday.  My head was clearer and I didn't get achy and sore until much later in the day - like 7 PM instead of in the afternoon.
Thank the Lord for NDT, Isocort, and bio-identical progesterone! 
Today, I took 4 grains (not 4.5) NDT, 4 pellets Isocort (approx. 6 mg HC), and later today I'll take 2 adrenal support capsules (my doctor's own blend).
Last night I was reading in the new edition of STTM and I read Janie's new recommendations on dosing HC.  Why couldn't I have read that before my appointment??  My doctor uses the old "ramping up" dosing.  Since I'm at the beginning of building up my dosages, it would save me a lot of money to just jump into the full dosage. (I think for me, 20 mg/day, but possibly 25.  I'll have to take temps and see.)  Not to mention the lack of health risks (adrenaline surges, HPA axis issuse, etc.) with just jumping in.  
I'll call the doctor's office today and see what they have to say.  I gotta tell ya'.  These nurses are gonna just love me by the time they get through with me.  But at least they'll learn something.  They aren't educated enough for their line of work, if you ask me.