March 2, 2012

To test or not to test?

In my previous post, I had said I'd be calling the doctor's office about taking 20 mg HC (split up between 4 doses per day) right off the bat, instead of gradually increasing.  I did and they encouraged me to try it.

I LOVE how my doctor's office really puts the reigns in MY hands. How refreshing!  The nurses, especially the particular nurse I work with, actually listen!  It's so unusual.   

My dilemma now is whether or not to pay $100 to get my adrenal levels tested with the saliva test.  My hesitation is:

  1. I have no doubts that my HC is low.  I have had such continuous, high stress levels and such wicked symptoms for years that I am convinced my levels are not high, but in fact low.  (High HC levels can cause the same symptoms as low HC levels.)  
  2. My doctor works with thyroid and adrenal fatigue patients day in and day out; I just can't believe that he'd arbitrarily put me on HC.  
  3. I just want to get better NOW!  I don't want to wean off everything, then be off for 2 weeks, then take the test, then wait for the results.  I'm so sick.  I want to get better now.  And if Isocort is working for me, as it has been for the past couple of days, especially now that I have had my progesterone shot, then why not just stay on it?
  4. The test is expensive.

But there is that part of me that's paranoid about the what if and wants to know for sure.  Janie Bowthorne said don't guess, ever, on the FB group.

Getting the saliva test would mean weaning off the Isocort.  But I just upped to 4 pellets (7 mg) from 2 pellets this morning, so it wouldn't be hard to back down, then totally off.  You have to be off HC for two weeks before doing the saliva test. 

It would also mean explaining to the doc, which I'm sure he'd be fine with; I just feel like a yo-yo.