September 18, 2012

Symptoms Overview

The following is a list of my current symptoms compared with my symptoms from before I went on NDT in January.  I must be doing something right!  See what it is I've done to change my life.

Symptoms in September 2012

  1. Low progesterone, estrogen and testosterone
  2. Some anxiety (related to low reproductive hormones)
  3. Some depression
  4. Occasional heart palpitations 
  5. Occasional nausea
  6. Occasional low back pain
  7. Occasional fatigue
  8. Dry eye
  9. Thin, crooked eye lashes  
  10. Hair loss
  11. Inflammation
  12. Longer recovery period after strenuous or stressful events
Note: Numbers 2-9 are directly related to my low reproductive hormones, especially progesterone
Number 10 is related to my low reproductive hormones and low iron. 
Number 11 is probably related to stress and my autoimmune juvenile diabetes as well as my Hashi's.  Read about inflammation here
Number 12 is definitely getting less so with time. 

Symptoms in January 2012
1.              Anxiety
2.              Nervousness
3.              Depression
4.              Fixation
5.              Easily stressed, not coping well with stress
6.              Defensive 
7.              Irritable, angry outbursts  
8.              Chronic Low Grade Depression, developing into severe depression
9.              Suicidal thoughts
10.          Teeth grinding
11.          Low appetite
12.          Hair loss
13.          Itchy legs, hands and feet - not always at the same time
14.          “Hot" feet
15.          Dry skin
16.          Difficulty swallowing
17.          "Growing" pains
18.          Addicted to sugar and white carbs
19.          Inflammation
20.          Easily winded, can’t catch breath, air-hunger
21.          Racing heart
22.          Shaky
23.          Sore feet and calves, as after Charlie horse
24.          Insomnia
25.          Light headed
26.          Extreme fatigue 
27.          Significantly less stamina than others
28.          Significantly less energy than others
29.          Long recovery period after any activity
30.          Difficulty waking up  
31.          Needing caffeine to wake up in the morning  
32.          Sinking feeling in the afternoon/feeling at my worst in afternoon
33.          Needing caffeine and/or sugar to get through the afternoon
34.          Feeling better after 6 PM
35.          Suddenly feel extremely hungry, especially at night
36.          Muscle weakness
37.          Flu-like symptoms: sensitive skin, all-over body ache
38.          Inability to hold children for very long 
39.          Inability to stand on feet for long periods
40.          Low back pain
41.          Exacerbated reactions to daily stress
42.          Taking days to recover from even minor stress
43.          Debilitating reaction to exercise or physical exertion
44.          Foggy-thinking, poor focus 
45.          Sweating 
46.          Hot flashes 
47.          Sensitive to bright lights  
48.          Dry eye
49.          Thin outer eyebrows
50.          Thin, crooked eye lashes
51.          Broken/peeling fingernails
52.          Dry skin
53.          Worsening allergies
54.          Internal itching of ears
55.          Appetite swinging from no appetite to not being able to eat enough
56.          Inability to lose weight
57.          Easy weight gain
58.          Failure to ovulate
59.          Moody periods and ovulation 
60.          PMS (actually, PMDD)
61.          Loose stools/diarrhea, particularly associated with menstruation but not limited to it
62.          Low progesterone
63.          Excruciating pain during period from endometriosis
64.          Carpal tunnel symptoms
65.          Headache, almost daily
66.          Unquenchable thirst & frequent drinking
67.          Frequent urination
68.          Irritable Bowel Symptom, including colitis attacks
69.          Nausea
70.          Scalp ache
71.          Hyper feeling, especially in the evening 
72.          Jittery
73.          Clumsy (drop things, bump into things) 
74.          Confusion
75.          Feeling dull
76.          Dizziness

For a more detailed list of symptoms hypothyroid patients have, see here. 
For adrenal fatigue symptoms, see here.