September 9, 2012

NDT, T3 and Circadian Method Update

CT3M is going really well!  I must say, the method takes patience and some real dedication especially in the beginning when you're so tired and brain fogged, but it works beautifully with time, following the protocol, and making it "your own." 

I'm preparing to do another 24 hour cortisol saliva test to monitor my levels, but I am confident that my adrenals have healed and that there has been an improvement in most, if not all, my cortisol levels. 

I am also confident that my night time cortisol levels are elevated because I have difficulty falling asleep at night.  Before I stopped my adaptogens and a small bit of zinc that I was taking in the early evenings (to prepare for my cortisol test), my sleep issues were much better.  But now they have returned, which seems to confirm my suspicions. 

So, an updated cortisol test will be telling and it will give me guidance and confidence in moving forward.

On August 26, I switched from NP Thyroid to NatureThroid. I had been on 1.5 grains NP, then switched to 2 grains NT. I felt better the first day I switched, and even better as time went on.

Also at the same time, I lowered my CM dose from 25 to 20 mcg Cytomel.  Then on September 1, I lowered it again to 18.75 mcg.

It's a no-no to make multiple changes at once like that, but I was confident that they needed to be made, so I threw caution to the wind.  I'm glad I did.  I'm no longer having the afternoon brain fog that I was having, although I am still having some sleepiness.