March 15, 2012

Symptoms (Updated)

Previous list of symptoms here.

The following is a list of symptoms I have experienced while suffering from hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, low progesterone, endometriosis and PCOS.  Others thyroid patients have experienced these as well (see bottom of page).  

The symptoms highlighted in yellow are better but still present.
The symptoms highlighted in green are totally gone, at this point.
The symptoms highlighted in purple are symptoms I recently added, but have had for a while.

The symptoms highlighted in blue are worse.

        Teeth grinding
        Low appetite
        hair loss Worse
        Itchy legs, hands and feet - not always at the same time
        "Hot" feet
        Dry skin
        Difficulty swallowing
        "Growing" pains
        Addicted to sugar and white carbs
•    Easily winded, can’t catch breath, air-hunger  Better, minimal.
         Racing heart Better, minimal.
         Sore feet and calves, as after Charlie horse Better, minimal.
         Sudden, extreme hunger (this is associated with PMS for me)
         light headedness
         extreme fatigue  Better, minimal.
         less stamina than others
         less energy than others
         long recovery period after any activity
         Difficulty waking up 
         needing caffeine to wake up in the morning  
         Sinking feeling + feeling at my worst in afternoon (about 12 or 1 1 or 2) Better, minimal.
         needing caffeine and/or sugar to get through the afternoon Better, minimal.  Snack high in protein/fat does it for me.
         Feeling better after 8 PM  6 PM
         suddenly feel extremely hungry, especially at night (this is associated with PMS for me)
         muscle weakness  Better, minimal.
         flu-like symptoms: sensitive skin, all-over body ache Better, minimal.
         inability to hold children for very long  Better, minimal.
         inability to stand on feet for long periods
         Low back pain (this is associated with PMS for me)
         Anxiety Better, minimal.
         Nervousness Better, minimal.
         Easily stressed, not coping well with stress
         Defensive Better, minimal.
         Irritable, angry outbursts  
         chronic Low Grade Depression, developing into severe depression
         suicidal thoughts Better, minimal.
         Exacerbated reactions to daily stress
         Taking days to recover from even minor stress
         debilitating reaction to exercise or physical exertion
         Foggy-thinking, poor focus  Oddly, this is bothering me more; now that I have more energy, I want to do more and it's difficult when my thinking is foggy.  
         Sensitive to bright lights  This is bothering me more, too, now that I am doing more, out more.
         Dry eye
         Thinning outer eyebrows
         Thinning, crooked eye lashes
         Hair Loss Worse
         broken/peeling fingernails
         dry skin
         worsening allergies
         internal itching of ears
         appetite swinging from no appetite to not being able to eat enough, associated with PMS
         inability to lose weight   I'm still down 8 lbs!
         always gaining weight
         failure to ovulate  I seem to be ovulating again.
         moody periods and ovulation 
         PMS (actually, PMDD)
        Diarrhea associated with menstruation 
         low progesterone
         miscarriage  Sadly, this one will never be off my list. 
         excruciating pain during period from endometriosis
         carpal tunnel symptoms
•    loose stools/diarrhea associated in particular with with endometriosis Worse
Some of the time:
         frequent urination
         Irritable Bowel Symptom, including colitis
         scalp ache Better, minimal.
         hyper feeling, especially in the evening 
         clumsy (drop things, bump into things)
         confusion Better, minimal.
         feeling dull Better, minimal.
         dizziness Better, minimal.