March 16, 2012

Pedicure! Hair cut!

Today I spent three hours at the spa.  Ahhh.  My wonderful husband splurged on my for my birthday at the end of February and got me a hair cut and pedicure at our local Aveda salon.  It was lovely. 

The sweetheart who was giving me my pedicure and I got to talking.  Lo and behold, she has a lot in common with me regarding health issues!  She talked about her sister who also has a number of health problems including infertility.  We talked a lot and I encouraged her to tell her sister about contacting the NaproTechnology practitioner at our local women's clinic - or one near wherever she lives. 

I also encouraged her to go to my alternative MD to get her thyroid in working order.  It's so hard to see someone going through these things when I know there's a solution!  I'm not there yet, but I feel so much better that I have no doubts it's working.  Besides, I've talked to so many other patients who have had success.    

Before I left, I shared my blog address with her.  I don't give it to very many people.  No one in my family even has the address.  But as she told me about her struggles, I really felt for her.  I hope that I left her with a feeling of hope.  Because all of these problems can be managed, and managed well.