March 17, 2012

Chewing Armour

I've been on 4 grains NDT since Friday, March 2.  
On Sunday, March 11, I started split dosing, but still swallowing the pills whole.  
On Wendesday, March 14, I started split-dosing 3 grains in the morning + 1 grain around 1 PM.  
Yesterday, Friday, March 16, I chewed up my 3 grains in the AM.  Within 2 hours I was shaky. I skipped my afternoon dose, but I did take my adrenal support (2 capsules at about 2 PM).  
(I've been taking 2 adrenal support capsules in the afternoon since Wednesday, March 14.)
I chewed 2 grains this morning and chased it with some juice 'cause it's pretty gross. I feel really good.  No shakiness or hypo symptoms.  Just energetic. 
 I'm going to try another grain this afternoon, plus my adrenal support.