March 19, 2012

Update: multi-dosing is good

I'm on day 9 multi-dosing, day 4 chewing it. Today I started multi-dosing three times instead of just two. I've noticed a HUGE difference in chewing it up, and a pretty big difference in multi-dosing.

My multi-dose today was 2 grains NDT at 8 AM + 1 grain NDT at 1 PM + 1/2 grain at 4 PM.  I took 2 Adrenal Support caps at 2:30 PM.  

I have a feeling it's going to take a little playing around with.

I've been doing some re-reading in STTM.  Janie wrote that it's important to chew it because our bodies absorb it best. Since Armour was reformulated a few years ago with the new coating, it's difficult for us to break down.  

If I remember correctly, the new Armour coating contains vegetable oil.  Given what we know about fats, that makes sense.

Janie also wrote that multi-dosing, and gradually decreasing the dose as the day goes on, is important because it mimics what healthy thyroids do. She also wrote that even if taking a single-dose each day works for a person, it can backfire later: it can lead to an unhealthy thyroid which in turn can't support adrenals, and that for someone (like me) who is fighting to regain adrenal functions, single-dosing can really lead to spinning your wheels. 

I hate to paraphrase Janie; she writes it so much better that I do.

I've been doing low carb (with the goal of going no carb as soon as I can manage it) and I feel MUCH better.  In fact, I have a flourless chocolate cake waiting for me in the kitchen.  :o)