July 19, 2012

Update + Symptoms

It was June 18th that I swapped T3 for NDT for my Circadian Method dose. 

Prior to that I was taking 2 grains NDT for my CM dose. 

At first I was taking 15 mcg T3 for my CM dose, plus 1 grain NDT in the afternoons. 

Now I'm taking 21.875 mcg T3 for my CM dose, plus 1.5 grains NDT in the afternoons. 

When I added the T3, I started over the process of increasing and titrating the CM dose/time.  In hindsight, I waited far too long to back up my CM dose time, and I suffered for it. 

I suffered a return of some of my old adrenal fatigue symptoms, most notably a return of some serious depression and an increase in anxiety.  
Things are improving since I backed up my CM dose time.  But I have noticed that improvement is coming in waves, like it did back when I first started CT3M.  I'll have a downright horrible day, followed by a not so horrible day, followed by a good day, followed by a GREAT day, followed by a lesser day.  Still, my "horrible" days now are NOTHING like my horrible days back then.

One of the things I did was introduce 5-HTP.  After about a week of being on it, I'm feeling really good mentally.  I'm taking 100 mg 2-3 times daily.

Adrenal-wise, I'm going to have to be patient. There is no word in the STTM dictionary for hurry.  :o)

My Current Symptoms (still present, but dramatically diminished since going on better thyroid treatment):

At this time, I would say that my chief complaints are my afternoon slump, dry eyes (which has gotten a little worse, although I've been reading a lot more), and nausea.

  1. Shaky/Jittery 
  2. Hair Loss
  3. Dry skin
  4. Inflammation
  5. Less stamina than others
  6. Less energy than others
  7. Longer-than-normal recovery period after any major stress (physical, emotional or mental)
  8. Inability to stand for long periods of time
  9. Dry eye
  10. Thinning outer eyebrows
  11. Thinning, crooked eye lashes
  12. Broken/peeling finger nails
  13. Allergies
  14. Inability to lose weight
  15. Easy weight gain
  16. Low Progesterone
  17. Nausea
  18. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  19. Exercise making me sleepy, start yawning
  20. Brain Fog
  21. Occasionally getting really hot (not necessarily perspiring, though)
For a more detailed list of symptoms hypothyroid patients have, see here.
For adrenal fatigue symptoms, see here.