July 12, 2012

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

I started taking 5-HTP today.  WOW.  The black cloud has lifted! 

For the past few days, ever since I got some bad news that seemed to suck the cortisol right out of me, I have been very depressed.  (Remember, I have low cortisol all day, plus slightly above normal at midnight.) 

Leaving the house or making any sort of decisions was giving me anxiety.  Normal, everyday things have been extremely challenging.

I'd been hearing about 5-HTP, talked with a friend about it, and took 100 mg today.  An hour later, I left like the sense of doom was lifting.  Two hours later, I feel like it's gone. 

The thought of going to the grocery store isn't sending me into a tailspin! 

I'm not yelling at my kids even though they're throwing things at the ceiling! 

I'm planning to take another 100 mg tonight before bed - 200 mg each day.