March 13, 2012

Moment of Truth

I would give a lot of money right now to be able to have a cup of coffee without it messing up my cortisol test. 

I'm gonna vent complain for a minute: I've had a headache all morning.  My endometriosis is killing me.  I haven't showered yet.  By the time I felt well enough to shower this morning, I had to deal with some ridiculous drama with our home school co-op.  Then it was lunch time.  Then I knew I had to take my next sample, so I'm waiting.

This morning I was talking with one of the most amazing moms I've ever known.  She and her husband are foster parents.  Four of their five kids are adopted through fostering.  It's been incredible to watch their family grow with their youngest.  He has some developmental issues, I think from his mom's pregnancy with him.  He's grown so much over the past two years.  This family is really incredible.  Anyway, this mom has a form of inactive leukemia.  Talk about an invisible illness.  So, she totally gets my issues which I shared with her a bit this morning.

This morning, I was reading about this amazing girl

I'm contemplating ice cream at the moment. And a caffeine-free diet vanilla coke.  Mmm.