May 27, 2013

My Updated Answer to "How did you do it?"

Eleven months ago, I wrote this post to share with others who asked how I was finding healing and treating my health issues.  Given that I've made a few discoveries since then and learned that healing is going to take longer than I thought, I figured I should write an update!   
  • I'm still taking Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT) hormones.  
  • I'm also still taking Cytomel brand T3 for the Circadian T3 Method which I have been using since the end of March 2012 to heal my adrenals.  (You can read here how CT3M and the other things I'm doing have changed my life, and you can read here to see how my adrenals have healed).
  • I'm continuing my gluten-free diet, as well as limiting grains and dairy, focusing on non-processed foods.  High fat, moderate protein, with plenty of veggies (admittedly, I struggle to eat enough!) and limited sugars (natural, no refined) is the diet I feel best consuming.    
  • All of the above, as well as good sleep, good vitamins and supplements, and stress-reducing practices, to help heal my whole body, including adrenals. 
Also, remember my symptoms list?  Last March, I was down to about six symptoms.  I was feeling really good and starting to work on my methylation issues.  Then I had some gluten mis-adventures, which really set me back.  I'm still amazed at how identical those symptoms were to my hypo/adrenal symptoms. 

If you're just beginning your journey to health: 

Then, remember:
  • If you're going to get well, you have to assume ownership of your health issues and control over your education about those health issues.
  • If you have brain fog, you have to read and re-read.
  • Find a support network in various areas of your life.  This might include family members, friends, health care providers, a health coach, or peers who share your health issues in real life or in support groups online, like these.  
  • There will be stumbling blocks.
  • Healing ebbs and flows.  There are good days and bad.
  • Step away.  Sometimes we can get bogged down in learning about our health issues.  Learn when to step away from it all and get centered on the other things that matter - like faith, family and friends.
If you're not familiar with Janie Bowthorpe's Stop the Thyroid Madness website, blog and books, I will enlighten you to the fact that this is the precise reason why she has had such huge, rapid success:

Patient-based experience and patient-based information sharing 
is the brilliant, short-cut way to learning 
about the reasons for your health issues and how to treat them. 

If you've been on this journey a while and you're road-weary:

Then, keep plugging away.  You are not alone.  Review the basics and make sure you're supported by peers who are on this journey, as well.