June 11, 2012

Family Fun

My husband has been taking four day weekends off since Memorial Day.  It's been wonderful! 

Today we took our girls to the local park, which is really a fantastic one. We went fishing with some meal worms and the girls caught a ton of little blue gill.  We played at the playground, then went into the zoo.  We walked through an enclosed area with the Wallabies - one of my favorite things to do at the park - and through the enclosed butterfly garden.  The girls played in the little fountains in the sidewalk.  Then I took them on the train while my husband stayed with our wagon.  Afterwards, we all got frozen custard.  We're all tired now, but it was worth it, especially for me. 

This morning I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, wondering why this is my life right now.  I worry that my girls will be grown up and out of the house before I can get well.  I worry that I don't enjoy them as much as I should and want to. 

Something awful happened that really put things in perspective for me. Late this morning, I got a phone call from a friend saying that someone she went to high school with killed himself last night.  No one expected it, she said.  I knew him, but not well at all.  Still, it made me realize that things can always be worse. 

My life may not be what I want it to be right now, but I have a good life.  I'm blessed in many ways.