May 10, 2012

Things to remember...

Something I'm going to tuck away for the next time my doctor tries to push Isocort on me again:
"Taking any Adrenal hormone has the potential to make the adrenals produce less themselves and taking very large doses is not sensible."  
Thanks, Paul! 

Warning: this is going to be a vent-my-frustrations post.  :o)

I'm feeling extremely frustrated at the moment.  I need to get my thyroid labs drawn to see where things are at.  This is fine because they are bought and paid for, waiting to be drawn, thanks to the generosity of my parents.  But I need to have my cortisol checked again with the saliva test which is upwards of $100 depending on where you order it.  $100 isn't a huge deal, although we would have to penny-pinch as we're on a really tight budget. 

The clincher is that I'm just really ticked with my doc for not ordering labs.  Why does he have to be such a heel about ordering labs?  WHY won't he order labs?  How can he properly assess his patients and treat them without doing labs?  Is he trying to keep them coming back?  Is he in this for the money?  I just don't get it.  

Tomorrow I'm going to call and see if he'll order the cortisol saliva test so I can have the results for my next appointment.  If he won't, then I'm not sure what I'll do.  I'm contemplating even calling my crappy endocrinologist to see if she'll order it.  She's been completely out of the picture with all of this, but maybe she'll order it.  But then what?  "Uh, thanks for ordering this, I'm going to take herbs to normalize my levels"???  Sounds good to me.  

Other than that, the only things I can think of are: 1. pay of the lab myself or 2. test the waters with this new GP I've heard about in town.  UGH.  ANOTHER new doctor.  

If my current thyroid doc won't order the labs, I'm going to have a problem on my hands because I'll eventually need those other thyroid labs and I can't pay another $400+ to have them draw.  Although if we meet our deductible of $500, they'd be covered at 70%.  I hate thinking about all of this.