April 2, 2012


Where to begin?

We had friends visiting from out of town last weekend.  It was sure fun!  But I'm still getting things back in order around the house and in my mind. 

I'm on the same schedule for my NDT - I chew 1 grain at 6 AM + 1 grain at noon + 1/2 grain at 4 PM. 

I started taking one 500 mg capsule of Rhodiola on Thursday (3/29).  I take that in the mornings with my 2 adrenal supports from the doctor's office.

I take my B6 and B12 in the mornings - when I remember, which is most of the time.

I take 3,000 mg Vitamin C at night, when I feel like it.  Blech. 

I take my Vitamin D3 (20,000 IU) irregularly.  I usually take just 2 of my 3 daily multi-vitamins. 


Since last Wednesday (3/28), my morning temps have fairly consistent until today and yesterday.  What does this mean?  Is the NDT dose "Circadian style" mean something?
Wednesday  97.87
Thursday 97.80
Friday  98.03
Saturday  97.80
Sunday  98.40 
Monday  99.13 - but I didn't take it until 10 AM 
My lunchtime (11 or 12) temps:
Wednesday  98.88
Thursday  98.54
Friday  98.22
Saturday  98.74
Sunday 98.24
Monday - I didn't take it.
My afternoon temps:
Wednesday  4 PM 98.62
Thursday  4:37  97.99
Friday  2:30 98.19
Saturday - I didn't take it
Sunday - I didn't take it
My night time temps:
Tuesday  11 PM  98.40
Wednesday  9 PM 98.41
Thursday  9 PM 98.29
Friday - I didn't take it
Saturday - I didn't take it
Sunday  9 PM  97.97
I have to admit, I'm not strict about eating before taking my temps.  I've run out of alarms on my phone to remind me to take my temps, so I really need to take them whenever I take my thyroid dose.  After such a crazy weekend, I'm a little lax, but I'll get back to it. 


I've been feeling foggy in the afternoons and more achy in the evenings around 8 PM.  I have been having more anxiety and been more irritable. 

Wednesday evening at about 7 PM, I felt some strange vibrations in my throat.  I wouldn't call them palpitations like the heart palpitations I get.  I have to admit, I got a little excited wondering if it wasn't my thyroid actually working.  Whatever was going on, I was in a GREAT mood that night.  My husband was very happy for that.  

I've been really tired lately and I don't think our overnight guests have that much to do with it.  I have NO trouble staying asleep.  I'm dead to the world.  I took a long afternoon nap yesterday, so that helped; but I had trouble sleeping last night.

Other notes:

Tuesday, Friday and Monday (today) I have taken my progesterone shots - 100 mg intramuscular - at about 7 AM.  Friday I experienced some hives around lunch time, then hand, arm and facial itching in the afternoon.  I finally took some Benadryl (and got very, very sleepy) at about 3 PM.