March 28, 2012

Quick post

Today went well.  I dropped my NDT to 1 grain this morning before rising.  I'll post a detailed description about today later.

I have some concerns about my aldosterone levels

But when it gets too low, which can be common in some patients with cortisol deficiency, your kidneys will excrete too much salt, and it leads to low blood pressure; low blood volume; a high pulse and/or palpitations, dizziness and or lightheadedness when you stand; fatigue; and a craving for salt. Symptoms of low aldosterone can also include frequent urination, sweating, a slightly higher body temperature, and a feeling of thirst, besides the craving of salt. Potassium can fall, as well.

A CLUE: Is your dog licking your legs? That is indicative of the salt wasting by low aldosterone.
 I have had a WICKED thirst problem since I was a kid.  I always assumed it had something to do with my diabetes.  I have lowish blood pressure.  I crave salt aaaaalll the time.  The lightheadeness and palpitations aren't so bad, but they were before NDT.  When I was pregnant with daughter #2, I had a LOT of lightheadedness.  And I definitely had adrenal fatigue with her.

Finally, I'm a little a lot overwhelmed by the options for therapy, especially cortisol.  Licorice root?  Adaptogens?  Melatonin?  Phosphatidyl serine?  Go back to Isocort?  I don't know!

I've lost a total of 11 pounds since going on NDT.  Woot!