April 18, 2012

Current Vitamins and Supplements & an Update

Current Vitamins and Supplements:

B12 1,000 mcg (in the morning)
B6 500 mg, sustained release (in the morning)
Adrenal Support from the doc (around noon)

Rhodiola 500 mg (around noon)daily multi-4 from the doc (when I remember)
10,000 IU Vitamin D3 (in addition to what is in the daily multi-4)
3,000 mg Vitamin C (at night, so as to not interfere with NDT)

Omega-3  2,160 mg (when I take them; they're gross! And I have to take 6 of them to get just 2160 mg.  Next time I'll buy different ones.)

CT3M Update:

I'm currently on 1 1.2 grains NDT at 5 AM + 1/2 grain NDT at 4 PM. 

All in all, I'm feeling well.  Better than I was.  (I mean, did you see me most recent symptom update?!).  But I have noticed a pattern that mid-week I hit a slump, emotionally, mentally, physically.   

I'm still a bit confused about my CT3M process.  My heart rate was up too high (100+) and my temps were a bit higher than 98.6, too.  So I took out my noon dose (which was 1 grain NDT) entirely.  Now after a couple of days my heart rate seems to be down (80-90) and my temps are too low (97-98).

I'm going to just wait it out and hope things even out.  But the adrenal fatigue roller coaster, the ups and downs, are wearing me down.