March 5, 2012

What made the difference?

Someone in one of my online support groups asked me what made the difference in feeling so much better.  Here is what I said in response:
I'm still beginning [to to feel better] and I'm by no means an expert at [thyroid and adrenals], but for me just being on natural dessicated thyroid and giving it time has made all the difference. (Giving it time is SO hard when you're excited and eager to get well!) I'm off Isocort for my adrenal fatigue right now because I'm getting ready to do the saliva test in two weeks, as well as all my thyroid labs. But I'm feeling well! Depending on my labs, I may look into my needs for T3 and of course I'll look at the best treatment for my adrenals.
I should also add that in addition to all of the nutritional changes I have made over the past few years, I have also recently started cutting out more white carbs, especially at dinner.  About two weeks ago, I started taking 10,000 mg omega-3 at the recommendation of my doctor (and within days I ovulated for the first time in MONTHS!).  I started taking my thyroid doctor's own blend of daily multi-vitamins.  Before today I had been taking his blend of adrenal support, but since I'm going to be having my cortisol levels tested, I'm off that for the next two weeks. 

Dang, it feels good to feel good.  Best of all is the excitement of knowing that I'm going to feel much, much better soon!