March 7, 2012

Pelvic Ultrasound

I had my pelvic ultrasound this afternoon.  It was hard.  When my uterus popped on the screen and there was no baby in there, I teared up.  Of course I knew there wouldn't be a baby on the screen, but seeing it just reminded me of the fact.  Thankfully, my ultrasound tech was the same funny, sweet gal who did all my ultrasounds with my second daughter and the one 8 week ultrasound with our baby who died.  She was so sweet and loving. 

Back to the ultrasound.  The OB/GYN has to look over it, but the ultrasound tech couldn't see any cysts.  She and I agreed that it makes the most sense that this is my endometriosis returning. 

Honestly, that's what it feels like.  The pain occurs mostly during menstruation when the endometrium is sloughing off and, since it's growing in places where it shouldn't, has no where to go.  When I have physically exerting days, like yesterday with all the housework and giving the dog a bath, I have low abdominal pain then, too. 

And it was a while ago, December 2004, that Dr. Hilgers did my surgery.  Things were great for a while, but after our oldest was born in January 2007, my reproductive issues, particularly long, heavy periods, started returning by the fall.   

I'm tired today.  I really should have paced myself more yesterday.  I'm paying for it tonight.  My body feels leaden again and my scalp hurts, as if my hair is really heavy and long. 

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my NaproTechnology Practitioner, who has become a dear friend.  Hubby has the day off and I'm looking forward to a little me time and family time.