March 23, 2012

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What is endometriosis? It is a reproductive and immunological disease in which the tissue from the lining of the uterus (endometrium) migrates outside of the womb and attaches in other areas inside the pelvic cavity. Some very common symptoms are killer periods, infertility, painful sex, gastrointestinal and urinary act difficulties, and so much more.
• 176 million women worldwide have suffered from endometriosis.
• There is no cure for endometriosis.
• Endometriosis can be genetic.
• Period pain that leaves you unable to perform normal activities is not normal.
• Abdominal bloating, swelling or tenderness during or near a period is not normal.
• Endometriosis can only be diagnosed via surgery.
• Endometriosis is a subjective disease
• Some women with extreme cases of endo experience no pain and some women with relatively minor cases experience excruciating pain symptoms.
• Endometriosis can occur in girls as young as 10 and in women as old as 85.