March 23, 2012

Cortisol Saliva Test Results

My cortisol results are in!  The lab ranges are in parentheses.

AM 18.2 (2.4-33.7 nM)
Noon 6.9 (1.2 - 17.8 nM)
PM 5.4 (.5 - 12.1 nM)
Night 2.3 (.3 - 11.0 nM)
Total 32.8 (8.2 - 50.9 nM)

Also, DHEA noon to PM average is 4.1 - (range being .8-7.5 ng/7.5) - which is good.
Janie lists the ideal ranges on her website.  Comparing my results to those: 

AM 18.2 (ideal = 33.7)
Noon 6.9 (ideal = 14-17.8)
PM 5.4 (ideal = 6)
Night 2.3 (ideal = 0.3)

Here is a less confusing way to look at it:

Morning is LOW.  Range is 2.4 - 33.7. The ideal is "top of the range." 
My noon is LOW.  The ideal range of the "upper quarter" would be 14-17.8.   
My PM is fairly good.  6 is ideal. 
My Night is HIGH. Needs to be 0.3.

Aside: Janie links to this which I found very helpful in understanding interpreting cortisol results, but not particularly relevant for my current situation. 

Update: I had a realization last night.  I kept thinking, "WHY do I feel so crummy in the afternoons if my cortisol levels are high in the morning and at noon?"  Duh.  I've heard them say on the STTM Facebook Group that high cortisol levels can have the same symptoms as low levels, so never guess and always get your levels checked.  My levels in the late afternoon/evening and at nighttime are high, which is why I get that sinking feeling, heavy eyelids, flu-like achiness, etc.  Aha!