March 11, 2012

I hate you, Daylight Savings Time.

I. Am. Tired. 

And my eye is twitching, always a sign of being tired and stressed.

It's been a fairly busy weekend, but the time change is really killing me.  

I think being off adrenal support is finally getting to me.  The past three days, I have been extra irritable, extra obsessive about stuff, and super sensitive to light.  Riding in the car with my husband driving yesterday was awful; I had to keep my eyes closed!

Also, a few nights ago, I had an allergic reaction.  I started itching, first my hands, then my knees, then the rest of my arms and legs.  This has happened for the past three years with no rhyme or reason.  I even went to see an allergist last fall.  He tested me for a few things and told me I'm allergic to dust mites, a few trees, pollen, etc. No surprise there.  I could have told him all of that.  

I'm eager to get my cortisol tested, but I have a whole week to wait.  Ugh.

Adrenal fatigue stinks.      

Did I mention that this was going to be a fairly pointless post, full of complaints?