November 5, 2012

"Pain Free," Properly aligning the body

I'm reading Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain by Peter Egoscue

My sister recommended it to me.  She has been doing the exercises/stretches in the book for head and neck.  After three days, her daily migraines stopped! 

I am planning to do the ones for my low back.  I go to the chiropractor for adjustments and get therapeutic massages regularly, but if I miss even one visit, my back hurts so much worse.  I think this book might be the missing link for me.  
There are some for carpal tunnel, too, which I had surgery for on my right wrist. 

To me, the title and subtitle are unfortunate because idea behind the stretches/exercises are more than just helping pain: it's about helping the body function at its best, about having good posture, keeping the body neutrally aligned and balanced.  All of that helps us with proper breathing, which is so important.