June 17, 2012

T3 is here!

My Cynomel (T3) arrived in the mail yesterday!  Today I'm gathering BP, HR, temps to have a baseline before I begin.  I'm planning to start tomorrow morning.  

I am a little confused on what exact time to take my dose.  I used to get up at about 7:30. Now I'm getting up about 8. I would even say that my biological wake up time is 8:30 now.
BUT all this week, I'll be getting up at 7 AM to take my daughter to camp every day. If I think my biological wake up time is 8 or even 8:30, do I really take my T3 at 7 AM? That seems strange, but following the rules, I think that might be what I should do. 
I'll wait to see what others on the FB group have to say before I decide.   
I'm eager to start.  And scared!