June 29, 2012


I don't have confirmed Celiac, but I definitely have gluten-intolerance.  I've been GF for a few months now. 

I've definitely felt better being GF, but not enough to be motivating for that reason.  My motivation has really been rooted in the conviction that:
  1. Processed/GMO wheat isn't good for us.
  2. Being GF is better for my Hashi's numbers. 
Well, last night was a special occasion.  Some long-time friends who were visiting from far away met us for dinner at a local restaurant that buys all their food local and organic.  It's amazing there. 

The four of us shared an antipasti platter.  Cold.  Salty.  Mmm.  It was so good on such a hot day. 

I got a glass of the loveliest Chilean Sabernet Sauvingon.

And for my entree . . . I got pasta.  A big bowl of delicious pasta.  I enjoyed every. single. bite.  I also had a small slice of bread. 

The few times I've had gluten foods over the past few months, I felt fine.  

But last night, within an hour of eating, I felt horrible.  My stomach was cramping.  I got all achy and flu-like.  I had major brain fog.  My feet were KILLING me. 

I ended up just getting in bed.  It was waaaay too reminiscent of life a few months ago.  Ugh!

All the same, I'm kinda glad I ate the pasta.  It was a real eye-opener.