June 18, 2012

Current Symptoms

Since I started T3 this morning, I thought it would be appropriate to note some of my more prominent symptoms.  These have either appeared or become noticeably worse since I decreased my NDT to 2 grains for my CM dose.
  • Sinking feeling in the afternoons
  • Fatigue, which is worst in the afternoons
  • Afternoon hot flashes 
  • Afternoon dizziness, which lasts through the evening
  • Afternoon nausea, which lasts through the evening
  • Brain fog
  • Fluctuating appetite, but I have to note that it's been hot here as well
  • More wired at night
  • General sleep difficulties - I'm not waking up, per se, but just not sleeping as well
I have to repeat that although I am still having occasional regressions after over-extending myself that remind me of how I felt back before CT3M, I'm bouncing back more quickly than I used to. 

I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning and organizing a bedroom and closet.  It felt really good to do that, but golly was I tired.  That evening I was outdoors in the heat and took a very little walk which included an incline.  That night I was pretty tired.  I had quite a bit of nausea and my feet were killing me - a sure sign of adrenal fatigue for me!  But last night I felt like I have for weeks.  In other words, I was back to "my" normal within a day.