April 9, 2012

Update: continuing Circadian NDT Method (CT3M)

So, I decided to continue with the Circadian Method with my NDT.  On Saturday 4/7, I bumped my NDT dose from 1 grain at 6 AM to 1.5 grains at 4:30 AM, in addition to the usual 1 grain at noon and 1/2 grain at 4 PM. 

Feeling pretty good! The weekend was a little busy and stressful, but all things considered I'd say it's helping and I'm hoping I see more good effects in the coming week.

Something very exciting that I've noticed in the past few days is that for the first time in YEARS - since I was young teenager - I am actually TIRED at night! At 10:30 PM, all of the sudden I am wonderfully tired and ready for bed. Usually at night, I'm ready to start cleaning house and rearranging furniture! (It was normal for my parents to be going to bed at 9 or 10 at night while I was conducting a massive organizational or cleaning project in my room.)

Note: I started taking 500 mg Rhodiola just a day after starting CT3M on 3/28. But I take it at about 11 AM. The only thing I take in the evening is Vitamin C and sometimes part of my omega-3.  So, I am thinking that this change in sleepiness is due to the CT3M.  

However, I do see in my notes from Thursday 4/5 and on Friday 4/6 that I was v. tired before bed. Despite the fact that the sleepiness started before the increase, maybe it was a delayed response to first starting CT3M?  Who knows, maybe I am just hopeful and looking for something. Either way, I hope it keeps up!  It's nice to be sleepy at bedtime.