April 15, 2012

Making Progress

Yesterday I posted this on my Circadian group:
I can't figure out what's going on with my afternoon dose.  A little background:

I moved my CM dosage (1.5 grains) to 4:30 AM (see below).  My temp at 8:20 was 98.03, which is right around where it has been lately.  At 9:45 it was 98.62.  However, at that time my HR was 108!  BP 109/85 - the usual.  I had been drinking my usual half-caffeine cup of coffee, however, so I'm going to take that with a grain of salt. 

At 10 AM, I took my usual dose of 1 grain NDT - and became out of breath, had hot flashes, perspiring, foggy-thinking, i.e. hypo.  Note: I had started taking this dose at 10 instead of noon to try to make sure I had T3 in my system continuously.  Someone had suggested that T3 generally stays in your system for 6 hours.  I think this was a mistake; this dose, especially now that I have moved my dose back to 5 AM, needs to remain at noon.    

At 4 PM I took my usual 1/2 grain NDT.  Within about a half-hour, I became jittery, anxious, heart pounding, etc.  I was in the movie theater, so I couldn't take my BP/HR.  As soon as I got home at 6:15 PM, I checked it all.  BP 102/76 with HR 94.  My temperature was 98.79.  It's 6:45 and I'm still feeling shaky/jittery, but not having as much heart pounding or anxiety. 

This seems to me that it would indicate too much T3 for the 4 PM dose, especially considering that my noon dose was still at 10 AM this morning.  Is this right?  I'm confused as to why this would change so suddenly?  I've been taking this dose at 4 PM for weeks and weeks.  Since I'm planning to change the aforementioned dose to noon, do I continue with the 4 PM dose?  Is it possible that my system is just being jump started, and I can now phase out this 4PM dose of T3?
Basically, the conclusion is that the Circadian T3 Method is working!  My body is starting to kick in and now I need to start trimming my daytime thyroid doses.  Later I might need to trim my AM dose, too. 

This afternoon I did cut my noon dose down to 1/2 grain and so far so good!


Uh, so I just checked my HR and it was 102.  That's concerning.  My BP was 106/89 and my temp was 98.74.  I'm not sure if this indicates that I need to completely knock out my noon dose, or lower my 5AM dose.

I tried taking my levels earlier this morning to see how the T3 was effecting things, but I couldn't get the BP machine to work.  Frustrating!  All I have to go by is yesterday morning's levels which were normal all around except for the HR which was 108.