March 27, 2012

Great appointment with the doc

My appointment with doc yesterday was, well, awesome.  It definitely marked a new phase in our doctor-patient relationship.  I trust him now.  Before, I was admittedly suffering from some paranoia regarding his methods.  It's so darn hard to get used to a medical doctor who doesn't rely on labs!  Even though I know they don't have the final say in how I'm doing, it's hard to get used to a doctor who diagnoses and treats based on symptoms.  

I told him about my temps, cortisol labs, symptoms.  I told him I want to use the Circadian T3 Method to help raise my low morning, noon and evening cortisol levels.  He said he's not familiar with it, but, after I explained the basics to him, encouraged me to try it and report my results back to him.  

I asked him about lowering my high nighttime cortisol levels. He said the only recommendation he's aware of is Phosphatidyl serine (PS)He said he hasn't had much experience with it and that the patients of his who have used it haven't had much success with it.  In other words, that's not to say that I won't, but he hasn't had the "clinical" experience of seeing success.  

I also plan to try one or more of the other supplements/herbs Janie lists on the above link.

He really showed me in our conversation yesterday that he is eager to learn from his patients.  He told me a story about one of his patients years ago who taught him something huge.*  I think I've proven to him that I'm not afraid of hard work, and that I'm willing to do my research and catalog my progress.  

I also asked him how to handle "half-firing" my endocrinologist.  I started going to her when I was about 9 years old for my diabetes, so we've got a history together.  I would love to continue having her monitor my diabetes - I'll particularly need her help when I get pregnant again - but since I am (obviously) seeking alternative methods for my thyroid support, I don't need her, um, "help" on that.  Doc was grateful that I asked his advice and he encouraged me to talk with my endo with an attitude of gratefulness and positivity.  

* Without going into too much detail, the issues was regarding her parathyroid; she needed to have it removed but the only thing out of the ordinary, and it wasn't a red flag, was that her calcium levels were elevated.  But the problem was causing her to have extreme symptoms untreatable by any thyroid meds or the doc's methods.  She went to a parathyroid specialist on the other side of the country.  He took it out and voila, she was fine.